Adult Piano Lesson Action Guide

<img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Adult Piano Lesson" title="Adult Piano Lesson"/> The adult piano lesson action guide is a simple and effective learning system for the beginner piano student.

65 detailed and easy to follow video tutorials keep you inspired!  You will never be bored.

Start here with the Music Glossary to find the 30 most often used music terms and definitions.

This guide is good for a brand new beginner or a piano student looking for a review.  This adult piano lesson action guide covers the must know facts of learning to read music.  You will quickly learn about music intervals on the piano keyboard.  These intervals or distances between the notes are the key to learning to read music quickly.

Next you will learn the basics of rhythm and learn how to count music.  Instantly learn the music note values of the quarter note, half note and whole note.  Then be able to apply this knowledge quickly with short video tutorials.

Combine the skills just described to quickly play easy piano finger exercises.  You can learn each of these top 5 piano finger exercises needed for building strength in about 5 minutes each.

These adult piano lessons are best suited for students aged 12 and up.  This age group relates best to this learning style.


Beginner Piano

These Beginner piano lessons start with the music note names and a piano keys tutorial.  Take the mystery out of finding piano keys of  A, B, C, D, E, F and G on your piano.  Perform over one dozen short piano pieces using only 5 of these notes in many combinations.

The treble and bass clef notes on sheet music is visible with these easy beginner piano with letters in notes.  Next, you will be able to begin playing some simple piano arrangements key of C major such as Ode to Joy and How Great Thou Art.


Piano Video Tutorials

You will love the Piano video tutorials  such as easy piano Fur Elise, Christmas piano music or Play Amazing Grace Without Reading Music Tutorial.  Each tutorial includes a full demonstration of each piece plus professional practice tips.


Easy Piano Sheet Music

The key to success is access to easy piano sheet music.  Do you love piano music titles such as Love Me Tender, Ode to Joy, Happy Birthday?  Find those and many more classical and popular easy piano favorites here.

Get started with the  piano tutorial Morning Has Broken below.   Find more details about Morning Has Broken Easy Piano Sheet Music Printable here.


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