Music Intervals on the Piano Keyboard

Music intervals on the piano or keyboard

Music intervals on the piano or keyboard are the map to reading music. Look at the keyboard music example below.   Please focus on the two notes just above the “3rd”.

You can see that by moving from one SPACE note to the very next SPACE on the music staff  equals the distance of a 3rd and involves 3 consecutive notes on the piano or keyboard.  The bottom space note is F and the top space note is A.  The line in between F and A represents G.

Even though the G does not have a note on it, it still stands for G and therefore there are 3 notes inclusively between F and A.  That is why this music  interval is called a major third or 3rd. Find a complete music note value table review here.

Major Second or 2nd


<img src="" width="274" height="89" alt="Music Intervals on the Grand Music Staff" title="Music Intervals on the Piano or Keyboard" />

Next look at the music interval illustration at the top of the page and focus on the 2nd (also referred in music theory to a major second).  The bottom note of this music interval is a space note and the top note is a line note.

Any time you see this same relationship between two notes on the grand staff you will be looking at the music interval of a major second or 2nd.  Moving from one LINE  note the the very next SPACE moving either upward or downward on the music staff equals the distance of a 2nd and involves 2 consecutive notes on the piano or keyboard.



First of all, master the art of learning how to read music by intervals. Be less dependent upon what note letter you are playing and begin to truly READ MUSIC!  Notice the addition music intervals of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8ve (octave) in the above music interval picture.  We will be learning more about these larger music intervals later in the Free Piano Lessons Guide.