Piano White Keys Note Names

Beginner piano students should learn the piano white keys note names first.  There are only 7 letter names on any piano or keyboard.

Piano White Keys Note Names

These music note letter names are A, B, C, D, E, F and G.  Find the location of the white key note names easily.  Use the two black note group and three black note groups on any piano or keyboard as seen below.

7 Music Note Names on Piano

The 7 Music Note Names on Piano are A   B   C   D   E   F   G.   No matter what instrument you play there are only seven letter names used.   <img src="http://adultpianolesson.com/wp-content/piano-white-key-note-names.gif" width="150" height="102" alt="Piano White Key Note Names" title="Piano White Key Note Names"/>

There are two very easy ways to visualize and remember the names of the white keys on your piano and keyboard. Remember, the note names on an electronic keyboard are the same as on the acoustic piano.
An easy way to remember a landmark while learning your piano key note names is by memorizing the location of  the C’s as viewed on the piano diagram below:

<img src="http://ideasfancy.com/piano-music-diagrams.html" width="471" height="107" alt="Piano White Keys Note Names" title="Piano White Keys Note Names"/>

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