Silent Night Easy Piano Video Tutorial

Silent Night is always a Christmas favorite and all time Classic.  Learn to play it with this high quality free piano resource of Silent Night Easy Piano Video Tutorial.

This easy piano music arrangement of Silent Night is taken from the very popular “Christmas In Our Time” Book 1 arranged by Nancy and Randall Faber.  If you do not already have your copy of this beginner piano Christmas book you may order it hereSilent Night Easy Piano Video Tutorial

However, if you would prefer to purchase a copy of the book locally at your music store there is a high probability that you will find it in stock between November and December of any given year.

Silent Night Easy Piano Video Tutorial

See Piano Practice Tips for this Silent Night easy piano video tutorial  just below the video box.

How To Play Easy Piano Silent Night

Use these piano practice tips to learn how to play easy piano Silent Night as seen in the above tutorial:

1.  Play along hands separately first with the above piano video tutorial 3 to 5 times to secure your fingering.

2.  Speak either the words or the counts as you play each note during your practice to ensure even tempo on performance.

3.  Once you feel that you are ready to perform Silent Night for family or friends record yourself on your cell phone or other easy to use recording device.

You may be surprised at any fluctuation in your tempo or hesitations at trouble spots that still need smoothing out.  A video or audio recording does not lie and is a great tool for the serious piano student.

4.  To instantly find more more Christmas piano printable sheet music……. Enjoy!