Ode To Joy Easy Piano Sheet Music Free

Ode to Joy Easy Piano Sheet Music Free


Ode to Joy easy piano sheet music free can be learned in an hour or so if you apply yourself.  In the key of F Major the right hand stays in the F position throughout the entire piece making it very easy and fun to play this classic melody.

Enjoy the full piano video demo by clicking on the “Ode To Joy Easy Piano Video Tutorial” link in the next paragraph to access the complete piano training aspect of this extremely popular beginner sheet music so that you can play along and cut your learning time in half!

Beginner Music Sheet


Beethoven Playing Piano

Follow the 3 Piano Practice Tips below for fastest learning curve and most accurate performance of this beginner music sheet:

Ode To Joy Easy Piano Sheet Music

Ode To Joy Easy Piano Video Tutorial

1. To set up your hand position in this beginner music sheet place the right hand in F position with the 4th finger placed on B flat for the entire piece.  Placing your 4th finger on B flat will remind you that that black key is already written into the key signature (see just beside the treble and bass clef on the first line).

2.  Place the left hand in Bass C position with your 5th finger beginning on Bass C (the first C below Middle C).  The only time you will slightly move out of this hand position in this beginner music sheet will be in measure 14 with your left hand 5th finger stretches slightly to the B Flat located immediately to the left of Bass C.  After you finish playing the B flat you simply return your 5th finger to the Bass C again to finish the piece.  Also, in measure 11 there is a C sharp on beats 3 and 4 in the left hand.  Use your left hand 4th finger to play the C sharp and then simply return it back to resting on the Bass D.

3.  The music note values used in this beginner music sheet are mostly quarter and half notes in the right hand and are simple to count and understand.  Just be aware of the dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note in measures 4,  8 and 16.  See the counts written out by clicking on the link below.  As long as you speak the count of  “1+2” on the dotted quarter note and “+” on the following eighth note you will be counting it correctly.

Click Here to See How to count a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note


Piano for Beginner

 Precise methods for piano for beginner students flow the best when certain methods are used over and over again.  One such method includes the process that after you have played each hand separately until you are comfortable with it then you can put hands together SLOWLY.

A very successful and fun tip here  is to play the  right hand along with the piano video tutorial first at least 3 times to develop confidence in playing the right hand fluidly.  Then repeat this process with the left hand.  It may sound like a step that you should easily skip or ignore but doing so will cause more practice time on your part!

Remember, while starting your studies of piano for beginner you are creating a new pathway in your brain every time you learn a new piano piece and the more repetition in the beginning the better.

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