Amazing Grace Piano Sheet Music Made Easy

This is an Amazing Grace Piano Sheet Music Hymn and  is easy to learn to play quickly on the piano or keyboard.  The music note names are written in above each note to super simplify your learning process.

Find Amazing Grace Piano Video Tutorial Here

Your right hand will have to stretch back and forth with your thumb beginning on Middle C and your second finger placed on the first F above Middle C.

A great Quick and Easy way to learn this piece is start with right hand only.  As you play the right hand notes say each letter name as you play each note.  The letter names are printed clearly above each note as illustrated below.

The treble clef (right hand) notes appear above the staff.

The bass clef (left hand) notes appear inbetween the 2 staves.

If you like to sing then simply sing the words as you play the notes instead.  Either way is a good way to track which note you are playing at the time you go.

Another good practice tip for this piece is to practice left hand notes separately along with the piano video tutorial before putting hands together.

Notice that the time signature is 3/4 time.  There are 3 beats in every measure except the first measure.  The first measure has a quarter note on Middle C used as a pick up note.  Think of this as the same thing as waltz time and emphasize the first beat of each measure:  1 2 3/ 1 2 3

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Amazing Grace Sheet Music

Begin learning the Amazing Grace Sheet Music by practicing your right hand by itself several times.  Then follow the same method to learn the left hand notes.  This will make playing hands together successfully much faster.


Amazing Grace RecordingAmazing Grace Piano Sheet Music

Listen to the recording of Amazing Grace MIDI for piano keyboard as your first step.

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