F Major Scale Piano on Piano Keyboard

F Major Scale Piano on Piano Keyboard

The F Major Scale on piano keyboard is formed by playing the following notes in sequence:  F, G, A, B flat, C, D, E, F.

The fingering for the F major scale is as follows below:

Right Hand fingering – 1 2 3 4  1 2 3 4  (make sure that your 4th finger is on B flat always)

Left Hand fingering – 5 4 3 2 1  3 2 1 (simply read the numbers backwards for the descending left hand scale fingering).

F Major Scale Whole Steps and Half Steps

This scale is created the same way that any major scale is formed in Western Music.  This means that there is the same sequence of whole steps and half steps in all 12 major scales.

A half step is the shortest distance possible between two notes on the piano keyboard.  A whole step is comprised of 2 half steps.

The sequence is:



Using the above whole step/half step sequence recognize that the F Major Scale follows this exactly.

From F to G is a WHOLE STEP, From G to A is a WHOLE STEP.  From A to B-flat is a HALF STEP, from B-flat to C is a WHOLE STEP.

From C to D is a WHOLE STEP, from D to E is a WHOLE STEP.  From E to F is a HALF STEP.

F Major Scale and Arpeggio Free Easy Piano Sheet Music – Print Here

F Major Arpeggio

The F Major arpeggio on piano and any other musical instrument is played by using the notes in sequence of  F, A, C, F going upward and then playing F, C, A, F going downward.

View the piano video tutorial below for a full demonstration of the F major scale and arpeggio on piano.

,img src="http://www.adultpianolesson.com/2011/09/f-major-scale/" width="363" height="210" alt="F Major Scale on Piano Keyboard" title="F Major Scale on Piano Keyboard"/>

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