Easy Piano Arrangements Key of C Major

Easy piano arrangements Key of C Major are an excellent place to start out as a beginner piano student.  Also, if you are coming back to revisit the piano keys after a long period of time, you should be very interested in easy piano arrangements with no sharps or flats in them that can be learned fairly quickly.

  One of the benefits of playing piano pieces in C Major is that there are no sharps or flats to worry about and you can just concentrate on reading the notes.  Each easy piano link below is connected to a page with either a piano video tutorial or a MIDI recording of each piece of music.  Be SURE to listen before you dive in.  This will increase your learning by up to 50%!

Key of C Major Piano Songs

Remember, you will be using your Key of C hand position for each of the pieces below.  Simply place your right hand thumb of Middle C of your piano or keyboard with finger number 2 on D, finger number 3 on E, finger number 4 of F and finger number 5 (pinky) on G.  Now you are ready to begin with your right hand.Easy Piano Arrangements Key of C Major

Place your left hand 5th finger (pinky) on Bass C just below middle C, your 4th finger on D, your 3rd finger on E, your 2nd finger on F and your thumb of the left hand on G.  Now both hands are in the C position.

1.  Row, Row, Row Your Boat for Easy Piano

2.  The Can Can Free Easy Piano Sheet Music and Piano Video Tutorial

3.  Morning Has Broken

4.  Deck the Halls Free Piano Sheet Music

5.  Kumbayah Free Piano Sheet Music


Easy Piano Songs in Other Keys

All of the easy piano songs in other keys below are either in F Major with B flat or G Major with F sharp.  If you would like to do a quick review of the F Major or G Major Hand positions go here.  For a quick review of the F Major Scale or the G Major Scale look at these.

Ode to Joy  (Key of F Major)

Amazing Grace (Key of F Major)

A Little Night Music (Key of G major)

Scarborough Fair Free Piano Sheet Music ( Key of F major)

15 Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music