Easy Halloween Piano Music

Easy Halloween Piano Music

This Easy Halloween Piano Music entitled Pumpkins C and G is written for Beginner Elementary Level  piano students in their first year of study preferably in school grades 1 or 2. This is the most basic entry level Halloween or Fall Harvest sheet music available on this site.

The student will learn this piece quickly because it stays in the C position for both hands for the entire piece.  Please view the C major Hand Position in the graphic below.

Easy Halloween Piano Music The only different note which is added to the C Major Hand Position for the Pumpkins C and G piece is an E flat.  Please view the E Flat on the keyboard below.  It is the black key located upward and to the left of the white E key.  (note: D# and Eb are the same note spelled 2 different ways)

Fall Harvest Easy Piano Music 

Click on the blue link in the above paragraph entitle Easy Halloween Piano Music to print out the music for yourself.

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