Practice Guidelines for Piano

Practice Guidelines for Piano

To get the very most out of each  piano practice session consider these practice guidelines for piano:

1.  Use a video recording device to see  your progress.  Even a cell phone recorder will reveal many secrets such as note accuracy, dynamics and posture!

2.  Use a metronome for developing a steady rhythmic beat in your piano playing.  Best use is to learn the notes comfortably first then add a slower tempo than designated and work your way to the desired tempo.

3.  Hot Tip!  Use the chaining method when you learn 4 measures one day then 4 measures the next to create a chain.  Very effective for faster learning!

4.  Visual Method:  Choose a difficult 2 measures and practice it 3 times while reading the music.  Then on the 4th run through  look at your hands as you practice.  It is often easier to memorize the hand movement rather than read the notes!

Record your piano practice daily and  fill in your practice time on one of the Piano Practice Charts below.  This works best when you keep your piano practice chart ON THE PIANO!

Be sure to read the very popular post  Piano Practice – Don’t Get Bored Like the Kitten.  Fun to read and contains hot tips!

Please practice piano as long and as often as you like. I am not going to recommend a particular piano training schedule for anyone. You will find your own pace. Sometimes people ask me how long it will take to best learn to play piano. I simply answer with the question of how much time are you willing to put into your piano practice on a  daily basis.

Since this website is geared toward the piano beginners, I think it would be very effective to work at 30 to 45 minute intervals on a daily basis.

Once you have your piano practice routine in order be sure to print out these free 15 beginner piano sheet music pieces.


Just below you will see 3 examples of effective piano practice charts.

Piano practice chart #1 acts as a grid so that you can fill in the correct number of minutes practiced daily.

Chart #2 is a blue chart which is more simplified perhaps for children’s use.

The third chart can be customized with the actual dates of each day or week if preferred.

Piano Practice Chart #1 – <img src="Practice Guidelines for Piano" height="415" width="320" alt="Practice Guidelines for Piano" title=" Practice Guidelines for Piano"/>

Piano Practice Chart #2 – <img src="" width="200" height="200" alt="Practice Guidelines for Piano" title="Practice Guidelines for Piano"/>

Piano Practice Chart #3

Week of _____________, 20__
Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday    Friday      Saturday    Sunday
___min     ___min       ___min          ___min        ___min    ___min     ___min


Week of _____________, 20__
Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday    Friday     Saturday     Sunday
___min     ___min      ___min            ___min      ___min    ___min       ___min


Week of _____________, 20__
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday     Saturday   Sunday
___min   ___min    ___min          ___min      ___min   ___min    ___min

Week of _____________, 20__
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday   Friday    Saturday   Sunday
___min   ___min    ___min         ___min        ___min  ___min     __min

Week of _____________, 20__
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday     Friday     Saturday     Sunday
___min    ___min     ___min           ___min         ___min   ___min       ___min



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