White Keys C-D-E-F-G Piano

White keys C-D-E-F-G piano

White keys C-D-E-F-G piano  are included in both the right and left hand 5 finger positions as you begin to learn your first pieces on piano keyboard.  As you can see from the letter names and corresponding notes above or below each note, this C, D, E, F, G pattern is repeated several times here.

Since there are 88 black and white keys on a full size piano or keyboard it is possible to play the white keys  C, D, E, F, G piano music letter sequence in that order in 8 different locations on your keyboard.  Try it now.  Was I right?

The grand music staff located above this paragraph shows all of the white piano keys on the piano keyboard from Bass E up to Treble G. It is easy to see that the musical alphabet of A, B, C, D, E, F and G is simply repeated over and over again up the music staff.

To begin mastering the entire piano keyboard it is necessary to start with a simply C Major hand position which uses all 5 fingers in the right hand.  Place your right hand first finger (thumb) on Middle C to begin practicing the white piano keys  C, D, E, F and G.  Once learned combine both right and left hands to play these white piano keys and develop coordination between the hands.


Piano Finger Exercise

1. This white piano keys C-D-E-F-G piano finger exercise is performed by placing the right hand thumb on Middle C on your piano keyboard to begin.

2.  Be sure to play on your finger tips as you play each note of this piano finger exercise to develop muscle strength.White Keys C-D-E-F-G Piano

3.  Say each letter name as you play each note of this piano finger exercise to enhance your knowledge of the treble clef note names.

Piano Key Notes

Once you have mastered the piano key notes in this finger exercise with the right hand, add the left hand an octave lower and play your hands together to created coordination between the 2 hands.

Notice on the sheet music below the video box that as you move up from Middle C to the next notes you are going from a line note (C) to a space note (D) to another line note (E) to another space note (F) until you hit G (a line note).

This sequence of moving from line to space then another line to another space is called stepwise motion on the piano keyboard.  This is step wise motion moving upward just like you would climb the rungs of a ladder.

Learning to recognize stepwise motion on the piano keyboard is a very important beginning to reading music on the staff.  This same process is used on any other musical instrument as well.


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