Adult Piano Lesson Beginner Course

This adult piano lesson beginner course is written for piano students ages 12 years of age and older.

Learn Piano Online is an amazing Adult Piano Lesson Beginner Course. It was created with the beginner piano student in mind.  Rather than learning the traditional way with a piano teacher, learn with Learn Piano Online.

Adult Piano Lesson Beginner Course

Use this adult piano lesson beginner course, Learn Piano Online, to learn your favorite melodies.  For example, this Amazing Grace Easy Piano Video tutorial teaches Amazing Grace WITHOUT reading music.

Watch the tutorial above first. Then play along with the video tutorial.  All NOTE NAMES are written in beside each note for EASY LEARNING!  Hundreds of students have learned with this adult piano lesson beginner course successfully.

Amazing Grace Easy Piano Sheet Music with Letter Names

This adult piano lesson beginner course has chapter sections:

I.  Learn to Read Music Fast

Learn to read music fast by understanding music intervals on the piano keyboard. First of all, music intervals are the specific distances between two notes on the music staff. So recognizing music intervals is the hugely important key to learning to read music.

II.  Basics of Rhythm

Next the basics of rhythm covers how to count music. So the music note value table explains of quarter note, half note, dotted quarter note and whole note.  See counting examples to easily understand.

III.  Easy Piano Finger Exercises

Now learn to play these easy piano finger exercises.  Each 2-3 minute video is complete with no music reading skill required!

As you can see, this section is vital to gaining the finger strength, flexibility and coordination necessary to progress.

First, look at this example of an easy to learn NO NEED TO READ MUSIC piano finger exercise:

Easily build layers of finger strength with each video.  Then proceed by simply placing the right hand in the given hand position and imitate what is shown.   The hand position remains the same for most of these piano finger exercises.

IV,  Piano Keys Tutorial

This piano keys tutorial teaches finding piano keys A, B, C, D, E, F and G on your piano. Furthermore, you will learn short piano pieces using only 5 of these notes in many combinations.

After this, you can learn treble and bass clef note names with these easy beginner piano pieces with letter names in the notes. Quickly learn to play some simple piano arrangements in the key of C.major.  Especially relevant are favorites including popular titles such as Ode to Joy and How Great Thou Art.

V.  Piano Video Tutorials

Also you will love the detailed Piano video tutorials such as easy piano Fur Elise.  Each tutorial includes a full demonstration, practice tips and printable sheet music.

VI.  Easy Piano Sheet Music

Love classical piano music?  Find favorites such as  Love Me Tender, Fur Elise, The Can Can and Happy Birthday?  Most noteworthy, here you will find these titles and more easy piano favorites to enjoy.

Find more information on the complete online Learn Piano Online Beginner Course go here.  (all digital content).

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