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perk up your piano fingers
Beginner Piano Piano Finger Exercises

2 Easy Piano Finger Exercises Beginners

These 2 easy piano finger exercises for beginners are very beneficial.

Beginner piano students of all ages often struggle with controlling their fingers.  That is why it is so important to begin playing simple strength building exercises from day one.

Each one of these exercises can be learned quickly.    Each exercise is in the C Position.  See the C Major Hand Position below:

2 Easy Piano Finger Exercises Beginners

Each piano finger exercise helps to develop finger independence and strength.

There is no need to be able to read music to play these exercises.  The note letter names are provided above each note.

View on the piano tutorial below.

Say each note letter name as you play for the first few times.

Print out the Learning Left Hand C D E piano finger exercise sheet music above.

Left Hand Piano Finger Exercises

This Left Hand Piano Exercise includes the C D E F G pattern in the bass clef.

This piano finger exercise is for beginners.  It can be played without reading music. Just play along with the tutorial as many times as needed for success.

Short Easy Piano Exercises

All piano students over age 12 will benefit from these short easy piano exercises.

Play hands separately first for best results.  Then progress to playing hands together.

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