25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons

Congratulations!  You have just made a Very Important First Step.  You can begin right now to learn to play the piano and read music.  Simply follow the 25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons in the sequence given below.

Watch the video first and it will guide you through the whole process..

These 25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons are packed with lessons, videos and sheet music.


Start 25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons Here

1.  Quickly learn the names of the notes on your piano or keyboard.

2.  Locate all notes easily and correctly.

3.  Master rhythm and learn how to count in a 4/4 time signature.

4.  Understand the 3 vital powerhouse chords to play dozens of songs.

5.  Unlock the #1 secret to reading music through reading intervals.

25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons

Begin the 25 beginner piano lessons in the exact sequence below for maximum learning success.  The great benefit is to repeat as many times as necessary to absorb and execute each lesson.

It is VITAL to play along with the piano video tutorials as well.  This alone has proven to be very successful for hundreds of other piano students following these 25 Free Lessons.

Progress Through Lessons Below IN ORDER GIVEN


I.  Treble and Bass Clef Note Names on Music Staff

1.Introduction To The White Keys

2.Treble Clef Note Names

3.Bass Clef Line Note Names

4.Bass Clef Space Notes

5.Music Theory Worksheet on Bass Clef Note Spelling

6.Music Flash Cards for Treble Clef and Bass Clef Notes


II.  Piano Finger Exercises

7.First Piano Finger Exercises

8.Right Hand C D E Waltz  (Video and Sheet Music)

25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons Learn in 24 Hours9.Right Hand F G A B Finger Exercise (Video and Sheet Music)

10.F G A B Notes – Left Hand Finger Exercise (Video and Sheet Music)

11.Left Hand C D E Finger Exercise (Video and Sheet Music)


III.  How To Count Music

12.How Do I Count Music?

13.Music Note Values

 14.Half Notes and Half Rests

…..You’re making great progress on your 25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons!…..

IV.  Read Music By Interval

15.All About Learning to Read Music by Interval

16. Interval Of A Third

17. Thirds Played with Fingers 1, 3 and 5 (Video & Sheet Music)

18. Grand Staff Intervals

19. Mixed Up Intervals in the C Position

20. Playing Both Hands Together

V.  Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music

21.  Row Your Boat

22.  Ode to Joy

23.  Jingle Bells

24.  C D E Waltz

25.  First Sonatina

Great Job!  You have finished your 25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons.  Find more beginner and intermediate simple piano arrangements key of C Major here.