3 Classical Piano Works You Can Sing

3 Famous Classical Piano Works You Can Sing, But Can’t Name.

These 3 classical piano works are astoundingly beautiful and memorable.  Each performance video selected for this post is worthy of your undivided attention.  If you can listen first and name these 3 gems then you are in the top 5 percent of  music lovers!

1.  Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin (1898-1937).  Listen to Famous Gershwin performer Jack Gibbons playing his solo arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue. Absolutely thrilling…..

For more George Gershwin piano performances  and biographical information…

2.  Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt (1811-1886).  Jung Lin performs an excerpt here. It is breathtaking. When an ad appears in the middle of the video just “X” out of it and her piano performance will continue.

Please go to Franz Liszt Piano Repertoire  for more biographical information and recordings of most of his piano works.

3.  Chopin Polonaise in A Flat Major performed by Horowitz when he was 84 years old.  Truly amazing.

For more Chopin Polonaise recordings by different artists try this page.

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