4 Short Easy Piano Song Tutorials

On this page you will be able to learn 4 short easy piano song tutorials.  Each piece of music has been arranged with the beginner piano student in mind.

Easy Piano Songs

You will find an abundance of easy piano songs for beginner piano students of all ages.  These arrangements are usually in the keys of C Major, G Major or F Major.

Each particular piano piece has been simplified to give you a fast start.   It helps to play pieces that are familiar to your ear.  Then your fingers will have a good idea of where the next note lies on your keyboard.

Are you looking for 4 short and easy piano song tutorials?  These are beginner graded and have arrangements of familiar melodies?  Print out each of these piano keyboard pieces and  learn them without struggling with your limited note reading skills.

Note – For a quick review of your music note value table to refresh quarter note, half note, dotted half note and whole note values check out the link.

<img src="http://www.adultpianolesson.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/pianohands2.jpg" width="90" height="72" alt="Learn 4 Short Easy Piano Songs With Free Videos" title="Learn 4 Short Easy Piano Songs With Free Videos"/>

Take one look at the list below and get busy accessing the free sheet music AND free video tutorials to go along with each one.  This is going to be a fun experience for you, I promise.

Love Me Tender Piano Sheet Music

Fur Elise Piano Sheet Music

Ode to Joy for Easy Piano

The Can Can Easy Piano Music

Free Piano Video Tutorials

The absolute best way to learn each of the above pieces of sheet music is to have a free piano video tutorials to accompany each one.  That is exactly what is listed below.  Each tutorial gives a complete piano performance of the piece in the title as well as tips on how to learn each piece as easily and quickly as possible.

PLEASE do not skip the piano tutorials as the information included in each one of them in enormously important for your understanding of the music.

Love Me Tender Piano Video Tutorial

Fur Elise Piano Video Tutorial

Ode to Joy Video Tutorial

The Can Can Piano Video Tutorial

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