5 Easy Piano Tutorials for Beginner Students

These 5 Easy Piano Tutorials for Beginner Students are each a complete piano lesson. Each tutorial includes a full demo of the piece, scale, chord or subject matter begin taught.

5 Easy Piano Tutorials for Beginner Students

Watch these Top 5 piano video tutorials for beginner students in any order according to what music subjects you are interested in.5 easy piano tutorials for beginner students

These music subjects include the following:

Note Names on the Piano Keyboard

Learn below the music note letter names and locations on the piano keyboard.  Treble clef and bass clef line and space notes are demonstrated. Great for the complete beginner

Learn How to Count Music

Get a jump start on how to count music here.  Learn all about quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes and whole notes. Pay particular attention to the skill of speaking the counts in every measure for best success.  Clapping and speaking counts together is a winning combination.

Learn How to Create Chords

Learn how to create chords of all kinds.  Get off to a fast start with major and minor chords.  Then progress to diminished chords, dominant seventh chords and augmented chords.  Find the most popular chord progression of C Major, G Major and F Major here.

Learn How to Play Piano Scales, Chords and Arpeggios

This is more of an early intermediate piano video tutorial  Learn the G major scale and arpeggio with the key signature of F Sharp.  Complete with all the fingerings and practice tips, this tutorial is a real winner.  Learn C, G, D, A, E, B and F Sharp Major scales here.

The A Major Scale piano tutorial Scale of A Major in Music demonstrates correct fingerings for the scale and arpeggio.(Opens in a new browser tab)

Learn Beginner Easy Piano Sheet Music

Below is the Moonlight Melody Easy Piano Sheet Music & Video Tutorial.  Listen to video once then play along hands separately 3 times.  Now you are ready to play the piece hands together slowly.  Use this method each time you learn a new piece for dynamic and satisfying results!

Beginner Piano Links

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