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5 new piano practice charts amazing helps you develop your piano practice schedule Fast!25 free piano tutorials

Looking for a way to record your piano practice on a daily basis?

Download this piano practice chart


practice makes perfect flower chart pdf

It may seem like a small detail but it is actually one habit that will literally make you successful in your piano study.

As observed in countless studies across all disciplines, creating a habit of writing down your practice time for whatever you are learning definitely leads to a life long habit.  After 2 – 3 weeks you have ingrained this routine into your brain and begin to “miss” not writing down your practice minutes.

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5 New Piano Practice Charts Amazing

Choose from the piano practice charts below based on your personal preference.

1.Piano Practice Chart #1 -Simple and clean with piano motif, this chart is easy to print out in black and white and get started.

Download this piano practice chart here

2.  Piano Practice Chart #2 – Geared up for a little more excitement?  Then choose this one to make it more visually fun.

5 New Piano Practice Charts

3.  Piano Practice Chart #3 – Mellow out with this blue mood practice chart and stay calm, relaxed and happy.

5 New Piano Practice Charts

4.  Piano Practice Chart #4 – Reproduce a hand full of these and keep in your piano bench for making the practice discipline more fun.

5 New Piano Practice Charts

5.  Piano Practice Chart #5

Download this piano practice chart here

Piano Practice Tips

  • Try standing up and stretching every 15 minutes during your practice.  This will get the blood flowing and keep you from getting pain in your back and arms.
  • Another suggestion is to start your practice with your favorite piece.  Who says you have to always begins with scales or finger studies?  Mixing it up a bit is good for the practice gene.
  • Rearrange your practice space.  Organizing your books and papers on the piano into neat and tidy stacks.  This will create a new sense of order and inspire that same order in your music.
  • Like flowers?  Put a few fresh flowers in a bud vase near your piano to give a breath of fresh air to your practice environment.
  • Piano Practice Don’t Get Bored Like The Kitten  Tips are guaranteed to give your next practice session a lift

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