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The A Major scale and arpeggio free piano sheet music has three sharps. These sharps are F sharp, C sharp and G sharp.

The notes of the A Major Scale from beginning to end below are:

A, B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, G sharp, A

A Major Scale and Arpeggio Free Piano Sheet Music

As you can see from the circle of fifths diagram on the above right, the A major scale is on the right hand side of the circle between D Major and E Major.

Understand that the circle of fifths diagram includes the sharp scale key signatures as you move from C major at the top moving to the right hand side with G, D, A, E  and B major.  Each time you progress from one sharp key signature to the next you are adding one more sharp.

For example,  the C major scale has no sharps, the G major scale has one sharp, the D major scale has 2 sharps and so on.

A Major Scale and Arpeggio Free Piano Sheet Music

The A Major arpeggio is simply the three notes in the I chord which are A, C sharp and E.  You will find the A major arpeggio below on the second line.  The correct fingering for the A major arpeggio is as follows:

Right Hand Fingering    A  C#  E   A  C#  E  A (the ascending pattern moving upward)

1   2     3   1    2    3   5  (simply reverse this fingering sequence to move back down to A)

Left Hand Fingering       A   C#   E     A    C#    E   A  (ascending pattern)

Print out A Major Scale Arpeggio Print Here

A Major Chord

The notes of the A Major Chord included the notes A, C sharp and E.  View demo below.

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