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Announcing the Grand Opening of the Adult Piano Lesson Store on Monday, August 16, 2010

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Every adult beginning piano student is on the lookout for piano teaching materials to add to their library.  A partiulcarly useful category of piano book to acquire in the piano beginning method book which includes all of the basics.

Make sure when you are selecting your method book  as a beginning piano student that you look at the very least for chapters on posture at the piano, correct hand position, C Major and G Major five finger patterns, quarter notes and rest, half notes and rest, dotted half notes and rests and whole notes and rests.  Also be sure that there is a comprehensive study and visual diagram on the treble and bass clef line and space notes.

  Beginning piano pieces should also be grounding you in basics of rhythm, melody and harmony.  Along with all of the basic information make sure to look for practice tips and tricks that will help you break up your practice time with the correct methods and procedures necessary to make a slow but steady progress toward your goal of learning to read music and play easy piano pieces.  Make sure there is a Challenge Pieces Section which will gradually develop your playing skills from the beginning level into the intermediate level of piano performance.  You can look for chord insturction, left hand block and broken chords and then putting this together with the right hand for the first time.

Whatever your beginning piano proficiency level is, you should be well armed with the above information before you buy in order to have the best experience with the music once you are in front of it on your piano bench at home.  Happy Piano Playing and see you soon at the Adult Piano Lesson Store!