Aria for Piano Anna Magdalena Bach

  Aria for Piano Anna Magdalena Bach was originally written for harpsichord. It is from the Baroque Period of music history ending in 1750.

This aria was thought to have been written by Johann Sebastian Bach and included in the 1725 Notebook for Anna Magdalena.

This notebook included many pieces composed by J.S. Bach but written in the hand of his wife, Anna Magdalena.  They used this Notebook of harpsichord pieces to teach their 14 children.

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Since this music is in the pubic domain you may print, copy or distribute freely for educational purposes.

Sheet Music Aria for Piano Anna Magdalena Bach

Aria – Recording

How to Practice the Aria

This aria is very short but it is somewhat challenging for the beginner Level Two pianist.  Follow these practice tips and you will have much better and faster success with the piece.

1.  Practice by eight measure section and play hands separately only with a slow tempo for the first several days.  Always count along with your practice so that your eye and brain store the music correctly.

2.  Realize that you are in the key of d minor.  The d hand position starts the piece but moves around in that general area throughout the piece.  Take your pencil and circle all B flats to help remind yourself of the note alteration.

3.  Imagine that the left hand is the sound of a cello and sing along with this as you practice it.  It is quite lovely and almost becomes a melody of its own.

4. Only after you are very comfortable with playing each hand separately should your proceed to playing hands together.  Unlike most short pieces, this one cannot be learned in 30 minutes.  Four to five days should be adequate to successfully play the piece.

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