Away in a Manger 5 Easy Piano Practice Tips

Learn Away in a Manger 5 Easy piano Practice Tips in one hour or less!   Simply use the piano tutorial and read the 5 Easy Piano Practice Tips below.

Finding quality beginner piano sheet music with effective video tutorials is rare.  So you will appreciate this great page!

Away In a Manger Easy Piano

This beginner piano arrangement of Away In A Manger is in the key of F Major.  Begin with your right hand 5th finger (pinky finger) on Treble C located one C above middle C.  All B’s with be played as B-flat!

Away in a Manger 5 Easy Piano Practice Tips

  1.  The notes to this easy Christmas piano music Away in a Manger are easy to play.  First use the descending C scale pattern in the right hand.Away in a Manger 5 Easy Piano Practice Tips

2.  There are several repeated notes the first 4 measures of this piano music. These 4 measures include the simple c scale pattern of C, B, A, G, F, E, D and C.

3.  Memorize the 1st four measures to complete one third of the finished piece.  This pattern is repeated 3 times and is therefore easy to memorize.

4.  Notice the repeated rhythmic pattern in this beginner piano piece.  A dotted quarter note is followed by an eighth note and then a quarter note.

A dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note is shown below.  Count one, two on the dotted quarter note.  Then say the word “and” on the eighth note.

dotted quarter note rhythm

5.  See full demo on counting on the video above.  Be sure to play and count along with the video for lightning speed learning.

Away in a Manger Easy Christmas Piano Music

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