Bass Clef Note Names on Piano

The bass clef note names on piano staff are made Bass Clef Note Names on Pianoup of 5 line notes and 4 space notes.  This page will focus on the lines notes of the bass clef.


 Learn how to permanently commit them to your musical memory bank.  They are just as important as other music facts such as music note values and how to count music.

If you think of the music staff as a ladder it will be easy for you to memorize the G, B, D, F and A in the bass clef. Make sure you begin your study of the bass clef note names on the bottom line of the bass clef and work your way up to the top as you say each letter.

Distinguish the bass clef line notes from the bass clef space notes by realizing that there are 5 line note names and only 4 space note names.

Bass Clef Note Names

The bass clef  note names are just a rearrangement of the notes in the treble clef.  Therefore, they are very easy to implement into your music reading skill. Bass Clef Note Names on Piano

Many people learn to pick out a melody with just their right hand.  They never quite become familiar with the left hand note names.  Make sure you do not fall into that same pattern since knowledge of the notes on the bass clef is critical to being a successful pianist.

Use the catchy phrase “Great Big Dogs Fight Animals”.  Perhaps something creative of your own to memorize the bass clef line notes.  This will go a long way in creating a place in your brain to store these most important musical details.  

The very best way to solidify a new musical concept or fact is to drill with flash cards.  Please go here to find free music flash cards for treble and bass clef complete with the answer keys.

Bass Clef Notes on Piano

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