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As you continue your piano study be sure to memorize the bass clef notes on music staff.

Bass Clef Note Names Piano

Bass Clef Note Names Piano

The bass clef note names piano are in 2 groups.  The first group of notes are on the lines.  The second group of notes are on the spaces.

This page will focus on the bass clef notes that are located on the spaces as seen below.

Bass Clef Space Notes

The bass clef space notes are located IN BETWEEN two lines. Compared these to a line note that has a line going through the middle of the note.  Be sure to learn or review your bass clef lines notes here.

For a quick and easy way to practice your bass clef line and space notes be sure to download these FREE and very popular music flash cards for treble and bass clef notes.

Bass Clef Notes on Music Staff

Just  Remember:
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Bass Clef Music Staff

The bass clef music staff has 5 lines and 4 spaces. Remember this by comparing the music staff to your hand.  You have 5 fingers and 4 spaces in between them.

This hand analogy works well for both bass and treble clef.

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