C Chord Importance in Music


The C Chord Importance in Music stems from the fact that all other chords are based on the C Chord. It is the same as the C major chord. 

This major chord is made up the notes C, E and G as seen below with the red dots on the piano keyboard.The first note C is referred to as the root note of the C chord.

C Chord Importance in Music

The C Chord Importance in Music cannot be over stated.  It is the foundation for all musical harmony on any instrument.

After the Root Note C, the next note in this chord is E which is a major third above the root note.  The final note of the C piano chord is G which is a major fifth above the root note. These 3 notes in any major chord are referred to as the root, 3rd and 5th of any given chord.

C Major Triad in Music

The C chord and any other chord which has these 3 notes spaced the same distance apart is termed a major triad.  The C piano chord illustrated below is also termed a C Major Triad.  For example, the G major piano chord or triad would consist of G, B and D maintaining the same distances between the notes.

C Piano Chord

C Chord Importance in Music


C Major Chord

C Chord Importance in Music

The main aural characteristic about the C major chord is that is has a “happy” or “upbeat” chord quality sound to the ear.  The C major chord and other major chords not described here would be used in a song or piece of music to make it sound lively and happy. 

To play the C major chord on the piano place your right hand in the C hand position as shown below and simply press the C, E and G notes all at the same time to hear the full sound of the C major chord on piano.


5 Chords in the Key of C Major

Find out which 5 chords in the key of C Major are most important here.

1. c minor chord:  C, E-flat, G
2. c diminished chord:  C, E-flat, G-flat

3. c augmented chord:  C, E, G-sharp
4. c seventh chord:  C, E, G, B-flat


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