The C Major broken chords piano keyboard includes the C chord notes of C, E and G.

The notes in a broken chord are played one after the other in sequence.  This contrasts with the blocked chord which plays all of the notes together.

C Major chord Piano

The C Major piano chord  includes the notes C, E and G. Always play these 3 notes together for a Blocked Chord.  However, these same 3 notes played one after the other is called a Broken Chord.C Major Broken Chords Piano Keyboard

Notice the difference between these 2 types of chord patterns in the easy piano piece of The Can Can.  Next click on the link below to access this free easy piano sheet music.

The Can Can Left Hand Broken Chords Example

C Major Broken Chords Piano Keyboardc major broken chords piano keyboard

The left hand repeated Broken Chord patterns are repeated throughout The Can Can piece above. Practice the left hand several times separately for best results in playing hands together.


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