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C Major Chord Piano Keyboard is the most commonly used chord in all of music.  Find the C Major Chord, C Major Scale c minor chord, c minor scale graphic below.

Also notice the C diminished chord, the C augmented chord and the C seventh chord detailed on the last line.c major chord piano keyboardC Major Chord Piano

c major chord piano keyboard

Learn to play the C Major Chord on your piano keyboard now. The notes in the C Major Chord are C, E and G.

These 3 notes are the same on guitar, violin, flute or any other musical instrument in the world. Watch the video tutorial and learn to play the C Major Chord.

These C Major Chord piano finger exercises will assist you in being able to play this chord quickly and easily.

C Major Broken Chord

Learn the C Major Broken Chord by playing the notes in sequence. This is also called the C Major Arpeggio.

The fingering for the right hand C major broken chord is 1 on C, 3 on E and 5 on G.

The left hand fingering for this same chord is 5 on C, 3 on E and 1 on G.

C Major Blocked Chord

Then learn the C Major Blocked Chord by playing all 3 notes together.

Fingering for the C Major Blocked Chord as the same as described in the previous paragraph.

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