C Major Scale Piano Keyboard

C Major Scale Piano Keyboard

The C major scale piano keyboard is a major scale in music beginning and ending on C.  It includes the notes of C, D, E, F, G A, B and C. There are no sharps or flats within this scale.

Click here for a quick review of the music notes on the treble clef.

 C Major Scale in Music

As far as most common use, the  C Major scale in music is definitely the most common of all of the musical scales. On the piano the white keys from C to the next C correspond to the C Scale making it very easy to remember and visualize. 

C Major Scale and Arpeggio – Print Here

The C Major Scale and Arpeggio

The C Major Scale and Arpeggio are often regarded as the easiest to play. This is because of its entire lack of sharps or flats. Beginner piano students usually play all of their first pieces in this easy key. The C major scale is the first scale a new piano student will learn.

Who would have thought that Frederic Chopin would not give the C Major scale to his piano students first because he thought it was the most unnatural scale to fit in the shape of the hands. C Major Scale Piano Keyboard

Therefore, he taught the B Major Scale (with 5 sharps) first because he felt that it followed the natural curves of both hands and was easiest to play for all of his beginning students.  Maybe we should think about this.  It has some truth.

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