Beginner Piano Lessons

Find 25 free beginner piano lessons here to get you started.

  1. Quickly learn the names of the notes on your piano or keyboard.
  2. Learn to count correctly in a 4/4 time signature.
  3. Use 3 power house chords to play dozens of songs.
  4. Unlock this exclusive secret music to reading music intervals.

How To Count Music
Then lean how to count basic rhythm quickly and easily.
Play Easy Piano Music
Learn to play easy piano sheet music RIGHT NOW!  Each letter name above the note makes for INSTANT SUCCESS!

How to Play C Major Scale Piano Right Hand

How to play C Major Scale Piano right hand is great for beginner piano students. How to Play C Major…

2 months ago

Piano Chords Frenzy C Major Broken Blocked

Piano chords frenzy explains piano chord notes. A chord in music is the simultaneous sounding of two or three or…

9 years ago

Piano White Keys Note Names

Beginner piano students should learn the piano white keys note names first.  There are only 7 letter names on any piano…

9 years ago

Music Intervals on Piano Keyboard

Music intervals on piano keyboard are the map to reading music. Look at the keyboard music example below.   Please…

9 years ago

Major Chords In Music

Major Chords in Music There are 12 major chords in music.  They are the same if learning piano, keyboard, guitar,…

9 years ago