Chords on Piano Keyboard Introduction

Chords on piano keyboard introduction is easy to learn.  Simply put, two or more notes from a scale played together make a chord.

Chords on Piano Keyboard Introduction

Blocked and Broken Chords

These piano chord notes are either blocked chord form or broken chord form.

A Blocked Chord simply means that all notes from the chord are played together at the same time.

A Broken Chord is defined as notes from a chord being played one at a time.

C Chord Piano

The first piano chord we will study in the C Piano Chord.  The piano chord notes in that chord are C, E and G.

The C Piano Chord Exercise as seen below involves playing C, E and G all at the same time as a blocked chord first in the right hand, then in the left hand as a blocked chord.

Chords on Piano Keyboard Introduction

To play the C Piano Chord correctly, you need to place your hands on your keyboard or piano in the C Position (right hand thumb on Middle C followed by 3 on E and 5 on G for a C Piano Blocked Chord).

Next, place your left Hand 5th finger on the first C below Middle C followed by left hand 3rd finger on E and thumb on G creating the C Piano Blocked chord with the left hand.

Piano Chord Notes

Use fingers 1, 3 and 5 of each hand to press down the piano chord notes of  C, E, and G  at the same time.  Even though this task seems mentally easy to understand the actual execution or playing of these 3 notes together is somewhat awkward the first few days.

Try playing on a table top first to make your hand into a 3 finger “claw” shape and then transfer this shape to the piano keyboard.

Also, try playing fingers 1 and 5 on C and G first then add the 3rd finger or E afterward.  This adding of the 3rd finger method has helped many of my piano students achieve success.  One week later it is not a problem!

Remember, if the stem on the piano chord is pointing upward that means the right hand is playing.  Similarly, if the stems on the piano chord are pointing downward that  means the left hand is playing the chord.

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Please practice the following C Piano Chord Exercise in the following two ways:

1. Say counts as you play each C piano blocked chord
2. Say 1-2 to count the beats for each half note blocked chord and then 1-2-3-4 for each whole note blocked chord.

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