Coventry Carol Easy Piano Christmas Music

Beginner piano students will enjoy this Coventry Carol Easy Piano Christmas Music.  You may print it out by clicking the link below.

Coventry Carol Easy Piano Christmas Music

Print Coventry Carol Easy Christmas Sheet Music

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4 Coventry Carol Piano Practice Tips

  1.  Place your hands in the Middle C Position with both of your thumbs sharing middle C.
  2. Place the right hand 3rd finger on E flat.  This finger will remain on the E flat key throughout the entire piece.Coventry Carol Easy Piano Christmas Music
  3. The time signature is 3/4 time which means 3 beats in each measure.  Whisper count the beats as you watch the video several times.  This allows you to track which note you are playing as you play it.
  4. Notice the long notes with ties.  The Middle C in measures 7-8 receives 5 full counts.  The right hand E in the last 2 measures gets 6 full beats.

Jan Durrant

Jan Durrant is a Piano teacher and music publisher with a Master's Degree in Music Education. Her goal is teaching beginner piano students around the world to learn how to read music, play piano, piano finger exercises and simplified sheet music of their favorite titles.