Deck the Halls Easy Piano Music

Deck the Halls Easy Piano MusicThis free easy piano sheet music of Deck the Halls Easy Piano Music is written in C Major with the piano beginner in mind.

Deck the Halls Easy Piano Music

You will find a simple right hand melody, blocked chords in the left hand and many other easy piano features for quick learning.

Download this beginner piano sheet music, read the piano practice tips and enjoy it for the holidays:

Print Deck The Halls Easy Piano Music

Deck the Halls Piano Practice Tips

1. The first of the Deck the Halls piano practice tips is about the hand position.  Place both hands in the C position with your right hand thumb resting on Middle C and your left hand 5th finger or pink resting on Bass C, which is the first C below Middle C.

2.  Notice that the major chords throughout the piece are C, G7 and D.  The C chord includes the notes C, E and G.  The G7 chord uses only the notes B, F and G.  The D chord includes D, F sharp and A.  Be aware that you will

3.  The dotted quarter note  is the first note of Deck the Halls  and it gets 1.5 beats and the eighth note following it gets .5 beats.

4.  The left hand is made of of C, G7 and D broken chords.  Be sure to practice left hand separately until you can play it smoothly.  this will GREATLY decrease your learning curve.

5.  Notice that the first line is repeated twice because of the repeat sign at the end of the first line.

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