Deck the Halls Easy Piano Tutorial 7 Tips

This Deck the Halls Easy Piano Tutorial 7 Tips is a jewel.  It makes this holiday favorite easy to learn.

It is in the key of C Major hand position with all white keys.  Plus there are 4 beats in every measure with a dotted quarter note rhythm explained.

Deck the Halls Beginner Piano

Use the piano video tutorial below as your main learning method. Also print out the easy piano sheet music arrangement of Deck the Halls on the next link below.

If you would like even more details go to  free easy piano sheet music for Deck the Halls.

Deck the Halls Christmas Piano

Deck the Halls Easy Piano Tutorial 7 Tips

Deck the Halls Easy Piano Tutorial 7 Tips

  1.  Place your hands in the C position at the beginning of the piece.
  2. The time signature is 4/4.  There are 4 beats per measure throughout the entire piece.
  3. Your right hand will have to reach up the Treble C using the right hand 5th finger at the highest point.
  4. The first measure includes a dotted rhythm pattern of a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note.
  5. Print out music first, then follow along with video.
  6. Next play along with video tutorial hands separately.
  7. Play hands together after 5 times hands separately.

Deck the Halls Piano Tiles Tutorial

Piano Tiles Christmas

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