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The most common dynamic markings in music are FORTE and PIANO.  These are Italian words meaning to play loud (forte) or soft (piano).


The abbreviation CRESC. in the table below stands for crescendo. This means gradually getting louder.  This musical expression marking creates energy or excitement when added to a musical passage.


The abbreviation DECRESC. stands for decrescendo.  It means gradually getting softer.  This musical symbol expression creates a calming effect to quiet the emotions.

Dynamics and musical expression create emotion.  These elements of music truly show the artistry of a performer.  Therefore, the more skilled musicians convey emotion.  Now you know how to play more musically.

Find a much more detailed explanation of Dynamic Markings in Music here.

Dynamic Markings in Music

Dynamic Markings in Music

Find the softer versions of loudness or softness below.  Then use these dynamic markings in music symbols to create emotion.

Mezzo Piano Marking in Music

The dynamic marking mp means to play medium softly.  Mezzo Piano Marking in music means medium soft.

Wikipedia Definition:  A dynamic sign indicating that a portion of music should be played pianissimo. A portion of music that is played very softly.

English · ‎Adverb · ‎Italian

Mezzo Forte Marking in Music

The dynamic marking mf  means to play medium loudly. Mezzo Forte Marking in music means medium soft.

Fortissimo and Pianissimo Markings in Music

Next, learn even softer variations of  f and p as follows.

  1.   pp pronounced pianissimo means very soft.
  2. ƒƒ pronounced fortissimo means very loud.                        
  1.  ppp means pianisisimo.  It means to play as soft as possible.
  2.  ƒƒƒ  is pronounced fortissisimo.  It means to play as loud as possible.  


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