Easy E Major Scale Arpeggio Piano

Research shows that listening is half of learning.

Listen and watch the piano video tutorial below to the Easy E Major scale arpeggio piano.

Easy E Major Scale Arpeggio Piano

Each scale is written first in the one octave pattern and then in the two octave pattern, all with correct fingerings.

Take note that the E major scale and arpeggio both include the same exact four sharps which are F sharp, C sharp, G sharp and D sharp.

The right hand fingers 1 and 2 always fall of F sharp and G sharp respectively while the right hand fingers 3 and 4 always fall on the C sharp and D sharp both ascending and descending.

Be sure to use the same fingering pattern each time you play the scale or arpeggio so that your brain and your fingers are working together to recognize the repeated patterns of fingering as they occur.

Easy E Major Scale and Arpeggio Free Piano Sheet Music Printable

Feel free to print out this music and place it on your piano or keyboard so that it is easier to see and read while you are learning it.

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