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Easy Fall Harvest Piano Music

Easy Fall Harvest Piano Music

Easy fall harvest piano music for beginners is fun to play and learn.  This piece is entitled When the Leaves Fall Down.

This easy piano piece for beginner piano students is free to print out and learn immediately.



Piano Practice Tips

This fun fall harvest easy piano piece can be learned easily with these tips.

  1.  Use the C Hand Position in both the right and left hands.
  2.  The only black key in the piece is E flat.  Notes with the b symbol next to them are the E flats.

3.  Do you know which note is E flat?  It is the black key directly to the left of the first E just above Middle C.

4.  You can see all E Flats below located within each two black note group.


Easy Fall Harvest Piano Music

Please note that this piece is an early elementary level and can be learned in just a few minutes.  Be sure to click the MIDI link below and listen first.

Listening is 50% of the learning!

Easy Fall Piano Music – print out here

When-the-Leaves-Fall-Down listen to MIDI recording here

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