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Easy Piano Exercises Treble Bass Notes

Start out your beginner easy piano exercises treble bass notes with some really productive right hand finger exercises.  These treble clef piano finger exercises will focus on the C-D-E white key groups.

Piano Finger Exercise for C D E  Right Hand

Piano Finger Exercise for C D E Left Hand

Easy Piano Exercises Treble Bass Notes

The 2 piano finger exercises for treble and bass clef notes are demonstrated in the Piano Tutorials above.  Be sure to watch and play along with each one even if you do not read music at this time.

Use the practice tips below to further enhance your knowledge of the treble and bass clef note groups of C D E.

Piano Finger Exercise Practice Tips

1.  Memorize the location of treble clef C, D and E in the middle of your piano keyboard.  The location of all the other C, D, E groups on the keyboard is found directly beneath each two black note group.  Play each of the treble clef note piano finger exercises.

2. Practice the C, D and E music note names both moving forward and moving backward in the musical alphabet .  Then you will begin to understand the HIGH and LOW concepts on the piano keyboard.


Any beginner can find ways to best learn piano technique and piano finger exercises.  Follow a simple daily habit of playing the C-D-E Waltz for the right hand first.  Then play Learning Left Hand CDE.

Best Way to Learn Piano

This is the best way to learn piano.  Be sure to say the letter names aloud as you practice each of the above exercises.  You will become comfortable with
the musical alphabet both going up and coming down.

For example, saying C-D-E-F-G smoothly is easy.  However saying and playing G-F-E-D-C smoothly takes a little more practice.

Piano Training

If you are a complete beginner at the piano keyboard then please start your piano training with the Black Key Note Group Study for best results.  Then go back and review the C, D, E and F, G, A, B piano finger exercises mentioned in the above paragraphs and it will make more sense.

easy piano exercises treble bass notes

Be aware that if you are playing an electric keyboard instead of an acoustic piano it makes absolutely no difference.  The order of the two and three black note groups are identical and so are the white key C, D, E and F, G, A, B groups located beneath the black keys.


Easy Piano Exercises Treble Bass Notes

These easy piano exercises treble bass notes will help you understand several things.  Most of the note names have been left out.  

Now you can begin playing the left hand music notation through simple STEP and SKIP music interval reading.

A music interval is simply the distance between 2 notes on the music staff.  This is the real foundation of learning how to read music.

For more information on reading music by interval (or distance) please go to Music Interval Basics.

How To Learn To Play Piano

Want to know what is next in learning how to learn to play piano?

Now that you are proficient with playing both treble clef and bass clef CDE and FGAB note group piano finger exercises, you may be ready for some easy piano sheet music.

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