Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Easy Piano

 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Easy Piano German title means “A Little Night Music”  This piece was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. See excerpt below.

This is a great little easy piano jewel arranged with the late eginner to early intermediate piano student in mind.Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Easy Piano

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Easy Piano Learning Tips

1.  Practice hands separately the first few days to familiarize yourself with the hand slight hand position changes.

2.  The left hand plays the G major chord G-B-D then alternates with a variation of this chord G-C-D back and forth throughout the piece.  Switching back and forth between these 2 chords in the left hand quickly is THE KEY to playing this fluidly.

3.  Pay attention to the staccato notes in the opening line.  A very famous piece of music needs the very famous technique to go along with it so that it is easily recognized to the listener.

Enjoy the well know Classic melody written by Mozart as you quickly and easily learn this C Major arrangement with the help of the piano video tutorial,

Piano Video Tutorial Click Here

Sheet Music Page 1

Sheet Music Page 2

Eine Kleine Nachtmusic Easy Piano

Eine Kleine Nachtmusic Easy Piano

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