F G A B Discovery Piano Piece

The F G A B Discovery piano piece teaches the F-G-A-B note group just above middle C on the piano keyboard.  F G A B Piano Discovery Piece

Find the F, G, A, B group directly beneath every 3 black key note group.  This is illustrated in the graphic below.

F G A B Discovery Piano Piece

You will find the F G A B Discovery Piano Piece note group beneath every three black note group on any piano or keyboard, including the accordion.

<img src="http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Piano/The_Basics" width="150" height="150" alt="F G A B Discovery" title="F G A B Discovery"/>Piano Practice Tips

Use the following 3 piano practice tips to learn the C D E Waltz in the most efficient and easy manner.

1.  Place the right hand first finger (thumb) on the first F above middle C to begin this piano exercise.

2.  Saying the letter names as you play each note shortens your learning curve in learning this right hand note group.

3.  Be sure to combine this piano finger exercise with the C-D-E Waltz to learn the entire musical alphabet.


<img src="http://adultpianolesson.com/wp-content/uploads/F, G, A, B Discovery.jpg" width="368" height="765" alt="F G A B Discovery Piano Piece" title="F G A B Discovery Piano Piece"/>

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