Free Piano Lesson Articles

Free Piano Lesson Articles

These free piano lesson articles for beginner piano students are very helpful.  They cover such musical subjects as music terms and symbols, music note names and how to play piano and learn to read music.

free piano lesson articles
A Flat Major Scale Piano Free Chords Arpeggios

Piano or Keyboard?

The question is often asked.  Should I use a piano or keyboard?  The answer depends on you and your budget.  Using a full size 88 key piano is ideal.  However, starting out with a 60 key electric keyboard will certainly work for the first year or two.

Read article below for more information.

Should I Use a  Piano or Keyboard?

Secrets to Reading Music

Be sure to read this quick Music Mini Course on music terms to get you started.  You will find many musical terms used over and over again defined for you in this wonderful article.

3 Secrets to Instantly Boost Reading Music

Piano White Key Note Names

Get a jump start on you piano playing with this article.  Learn how to play piano intro to white keys teaches the names of all 88 white keys on the piano.  Don’t miss this one!

Piano White Key Note Names

How to Create Major Minor Diminished Augmented Seventh Chords

Want to know how to create different piano chord qualities?  This article will make you an expert in no time.  Learn how to create major, minor, diminished, augmented and seventh chords quickly.

With just a few minor variations most of the chords have a lot in common.

How To Create Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented and Seventh Chords

Music Terms and Definitions

Musical symbols and their meanings takes your knowledge to a whole new level.  Find out about the Italian influence on musical symbols.  Learn how to read symbols that mean to play loud or soft, fast or slow and much more in this very informative article.

Music Terms and Definitions

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