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You will enjoy this late beginner level piece of Free Piano Sheet Music America The Beautiful.  It is in the key of C Major with no sharps of flats written within the key signature.

 However, there are <img src="http://www.adultpianolesson.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/pianokeys.jpg" alt="Free Piano Sheet Music America the Beautiful">accidentals (sharps, flats and natural written beside notes within the piece itself) to watch out for in lines 1, 2 and 4. 

Print and Play Piano Sheet Music

Be sure to print out the music and finally begin to learn the piano sheet music of America the Beautiful.  This is NOT an easy piano arrangement for beginner piano students.

It is a medium difficulty piano piece that will require at least one year of previous piano study.  Since there are altered notes (flats and sharps) additional skills will be required.

Piano Practice Suggestions 

a. practice right hand by itself for several days and master that before adding the left hand

b. use a very slow tempo during your practice and as you put your hands together until you can move without hesitation between chords and beats.

Free Piano Sheet Music America the Beautiful

This arrangement of America the Beautiful is an Intermediate Level Piano Piece.  You should have at least 2 years of piano study in order to play this piece successfully.

However, it is not difficult for the determined pianist.  It is in the key of C Major with a 4/4 time signature.  Also, there is a pick up note in the first measure which leads into the 2nd measure of 4 full beats.

Be aware of many accidentals or sharped and flatted notes within the piece.  The dotted quarter note rhythm is used frequently and receives one and a half beats.

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