Good King Wenceslas Christmas Easy Piano

Piano beginner are going to love learning Good King Wenceslas Christmas Easy Piano.

Good King Wenceslas Christmas Easy Piano

Notice in the musical example below that both the note names and the fingering are written in to make learning Good King Wenceslas for easy piano a snap.  Click on the link below to listen to the recording and make your hands follow your ears.

Good King Wenceslas Christmas Easy Piano

Good King Wenceslas uses only the right hand and starts out with the right hand thumb on Middle C.  The only notes in the piece are C, D, E, F and G so your right hand stays in the C position for the entire time.

Be sure to use the written in fingerings to further guide you along.  It is very important that your fingers remain in the C position for the duration of this piece so that your fingers and your brain are repeating the same thing each time you play the piece.

Good King Wenceslas Very Easy Piano Audio

Good King Wenceslas Easy Piano Music

Sheet Music for Beginner Piano

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