Grand Staff Intervals 2nds and 3rds

The Grand Staff Intervals 2nds and 3rds are the building blocks of learning to read music on anygrand staff intervals 2nds and 3rds musical instrument. Grand staff intervals are  simply defined as the distance between two notes on the music staff.  Reading music intervals will enable you to read music on any other instrument.

Think of reading music intervals as stepping up or down on the rungs of a ladder.   An interval of a 2nd is one line note and one space note are placed right next to each other on the piano keyboard.  An example would be F right next to G on the piano keyboard.

Grand Staff Intervals 2nds and 3rds

In addition to the 2nd is the music interval of a 3rd.  A 3rd will always appear on the music staff as either 2 space notes or 2 line notes sitting on top of each other.Grand Staff Intervals 2nds and 3rds

 An example of a major third on the piano keyboard would be F and A as shown in the video tutorial below or E and G or D and F.

The most often used music intervals of a major second and a major third (referred to in music theory as a 2nd, 3rd).

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1. Please review these piano tips for the grand staff intervals video.   Referring to the video tutorial above you will notice in the first measure the 2 intervals of a 2nd followed by a 3rd.

2.  The musical interval or distance of a 2nd always moves from one line note to the very next space note.  From one space note to to the very next line note in either an upward or downward direction. Grand Staff Intervals piece below illustrates the interval of a second. It occurs from the very first line note to the next space note from E to F.

3.  3rds always move from one line note to the very next line note.  This occurs in either direction OR from one space note to the very next space note in either direction.  An example of a 3rd is in the first measure below on beats number 3 and 4 moving from one line note down to another line note, which is from G to E.

<img src=" staff intervals in music.jpg" width="368" height="802" alt="Grand Staff Intervals 2nds and 3rds" title="Grand Staff Intervals 2nds and 3rds"/>








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