Happy Birthday Easy Piano 5 Tips Learn Play Dazzle

Happy Birthday Easy Piano 5 Tips Learn Play Dazzle is a complete instruction on how to play the Happy Birthday Easy Piano Music quickly and easily.

Going to a birthday party soon?

Need a great free piano sheet music keyboard arrangement of  Happy Birthday Easy Piano Music 5 Tips?

The 5 easy piano tips and piano tutorial below provide everything you need to bee successful right now!

Learn and Play Quickly

Learn and play quickly Happy Birthday Easy Piano 5 Tips.  This is beginner music sheet in the key of F Major with B flat.  Even though this piece has a key signature of F Major your right hand stays in the C Position for measures 1 – 5.

Then in measure 6 on the second line your right hand 5th finger or pinky must stretch upward to Treble C.  Then simply stay in the F position for most of the rest of the piece.

Dazzle Your Audience

Dazzle your audience at your next birthday party. Find 5 key learning tips as you view the video tutorial below.  Notice the fingerings used and pencil them in on your copy.  You may print this music out using the link in the next paragraph!  Be sure to watch the video tutorial several times and you can learn it in about 10 minutes…

Happy Birthday Easy Piano Video Tutorial

Free Piano Sheet Music pdf

Click here for Free Piano Sheet Music pdf Happy Birthday To You

This is free printable sheet music complet with a SCREEN SHOT below.

happy birthday easy piano music 5 Tips

Happy Birthday Easy Piano Sheet Music With Letters

The Easy Piano Sheet Music With Letters for right hand in the above screen shot are as follows:

Right Hand:  C C D C F E    C C D C G F  C C HIGH C A E D   B B E F G F

Left Hand: F      C       C     F     F     B FLAT     F   B FLAT   F

Happy Birthday Easy Piano Practice 5 Tips

1.  Make certain you are in the correct hand position and note any sharps or flats in this easy piano song.Happy Birthday Easy Piano Music 5 Tips

2.  Watch the piano tutorial through its entirety the first time.  Then the second time simply play along with the right hand only.  In your piano practice routine play the right hand as many times as are necessary.  Continue practicing until you can play it smoothly and without errors.

Use the same piano practice sheet music tips with the left hand.  As soon as you are playing each hand separately in a smooth manner ONLY then put your hands together.  Following this piano practice routine with save you HOURS of time.

3.  Check out the music dynamics terms and symbols or dynamic markings (loud or soft) to add expression to your easy piano sheet music.  Remember, learning the notes is just the beginning of music performance.  It is the expression and feeling in your music which connects with your audience.

4.  Piano video yourself playing the finished piece.  If you do not have a video recorder then simply make a recording of the audio only with your cell phone.  You will be amazed at your piano video recording of yourself and what you see or hear (both good and bad).  Once you have recorded yourself and listen it will be VERY obvious which measures need a little more practice.

5.  Don’t get bogged down with the same old piece.  Always be looking for new and interesting easy piano pieces.  This keeps your interest and excitement at a high level.

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