How Do I Count Music?

How do I count music?   It is possible to count music successfully in the next few minutes.

It is a simple process to read and perform music beats.  Learn the quarter note and quarter rest quickly and easily.  Each lasts a very specific length of time.

Basic Note Values


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The most basic note value is the quarter note.

Look at the quarter notes below.  They will always have a filled-in note head with a stem attached.

The step direction determines which hand is used on the piano keyboard to play the note.

Quarter Notes

The two music note symbols seen below quarter notes and a quarter rest.

Two Quarter Notes:

how do I count music

The first quarter note above is played with the right hand because the step is pointing upward.

Likewise, the second quarter note beside it would be played with the left hand because the stem is pointing downward.


Quarter Rest

quarter rest in music


This wavy symbol is a Quarter rest symbol and receives one beat or one count of silence.

Beats of silence are just like beats of sound.

There is only one difference between a quarter note and a quarter rest.  There is simply a complete silence during  the quarter rest.


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