How to Count Music as a Piano Beginner

How to count music as a piano beginner is an easy process.  This happens after you learn the music note value table It includes the quarter note, half note, dotted half note and whole note.

How To Count Music As A Piano Beginner

Be sure to click on the link below to see an example of each music note symbol. Each notes has the correct counts written in above each note.

How to Count Music Worksheet

The Quarter Note

Quarter Notes on Music Staff

The QUARTER NOTE receives one beat or count.    1 Beat

Half Notes 

half notes in music

The HALF NOTE receives two beats or counts.  2 Beats

Dotted Half Notes 

dotted half note in music

The DOTTED HALF NOTE receives three beats or counts.  3 Beats

Whole Note

whole note in music

The WHOLE NOTE receives four beats or counts.  4 Beats

How to Count Music Beats Notes Rhythms

Follow the example for How to Count Music Beats Notes Rhythms aloud while viewing the above piano tutorial.

Counting rhythm involves speaking the counts aloud while clapping first, then adding the spoken count while you are playing your music instrument after that.

You will often see rhythmic patterns that repeat themselves over and over again within the same piece of music.

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