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How to Count Music Easily by learning the basic note values.  Music theory worksheets and piano video tutorials are great tools for developing this important music skill.

Learn Music Note Values
Learn to count quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes and whole notes.  Also learn how to count quarter rests, half rests and whole rests.

How to Count Music

Piano video tutorials with demonstrations of each counting exercise makes learning a snap!

You will learn how to clap, stomp your feet or hit sticks together in basic rhythm patterns.  Also, counting out loud is highlighted in the very effective piano video tutorials on this subject.

25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons

Congratulations!  You can begin right now to learn to play the piano and read music.  Simply follow the 25 Beginner Piano Lessons in the sequence given below. These Piano LessonsContinue reading25 Free Beginner Piano Lessons

Sheet Music Plus Piano Music