How to Play Paradise on Piano by Coldplay

Learn how to play Paradise on piano by Coldplay easily.

If you are a big fan of the hit song Paradise by Coldplay you will love this piano tutorial which breaks it down into a few simple left hand chord progressions and some right hand patterns.

How to Play Paradise

I would think you could learn the song from this video in about half an hour or so.

 How t<img src="" width="259" height="194" alt="How to Play Paradise on Piano by Coldplay" title="How to Play Paradise on Piano by Coldplay"/>o Play Paradise on Piano by Coldplay

Coldplay Artists, Pictures and Videos

Access Coldplay artists, pictures and videos here.  This group originated in London in 1997.  The star players are Chris Martin, vocalist and pianist, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, Will Champion as drummer and Guy Berryman as bassist.

Some of their most popular singles have been Yellow, Clocks and Viva la Vida.

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