I Know Let’s Play Two Notes Together

How to read piano music playing hands together with I Know Let’s Play Two Notes Together enables 25 Beginner Piano Tutorialsyou to be playing both right hand and left hand together.  As a piano course for the beginner piano student this is a very big step in learning how to read piano music in both treble and bass clef on the music staff for the first time.

I Know Let’s Play Two Notes Together

As discussed in great detail on other pages on this site learning to how to read piano music correctly is accomplished by knowing how to read music intervals.

Music intervals are simply the distances between two notes on the music staff.  For a refresher on the fun and easy skill builder on reading music intervals please visit the following pages:

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Follow these 4 simple practice tips and you will have success playing I Know Let’s Play Two Notes Together

1.  Place both hand in the C position in the center of your piano or keyboard to begin.

2.  Notice the 3/4 time signature at the beginning of the piece which means that there are only 3 beats in each measure.

3.  Review that the dotted half note gets 3 beats.

4.  When your hands are playing notes together realize that they are playing the same notes one octave apart.  In other words when you are playing a C in the right hand you will also be playing a C in the left hand as well.  This holds true on every note throughout the piece and makes it much easier to play.

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