Jingle Bells Piano Free Sheet Music and Video Tutorial

Jingle Bells Piano free sheet music and video tutorial just in time for Christmas. Achieve this quickly by following the piano practice tips and then viewing the piano video tutorial below.

This popular Christmas piano music is in the key of C Major.  It is arranged for a piano student beginner who can read music in the bass and treble clefs.  Here are some piano practice tips for this piece.

Jingle Bells Piano Practice Tips

Jingle Bells Piano Practice Tip #1:  Place the right hand thumb on middle C to be in position for the whole piece.  Begin with the right hand third finger on E.  Practice the right hand by itself for the first line at least 3-5 times.  Now you are familiar and can play to sing along without hesitations.

Piano Practice Tip #2:  Go through the same process as above now for the left hand.  Place the left hand 5th finger (pinky or smallest finger) on Bass C, which is the first C below or to the left of Middle C.  Keep your hand in this position for the duration of the piece.  Again, play the left hand at least 3-5 times and be able to move from one note to the next smoothly and then you are ready to begin playing hands together.

Piano Practice Tip #3:  Now you are ready to play hands together.  HOT TIP!  Slow down your tempo to a snail’s pace!  You can play anything if you just play it SLOW enough.  This is important on a psychological level and I have seen it have a deep impact on the confidence of many of my piano students over the years.  Play the notes hands together the first 3 times allowing for one entire second to lapse on each count saying “a thousand one”.  It may seem trite but holds great returns for your effort.

Jingle Bells free piano sheet music can be accessed here.

Jingle Bells Piano Free Sheet Music and Video Tutorial

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